Omrah Crossing Cabernet Merlot

Omrah Crossing Cabernet Merlot

Wine variety

Cabernet Merlot


Dan Murphy

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Our Average Wine Rating: 2/5

Western Australia


The Donna Review

This is an interesting wine, somewhat spicy and smooth. It is deep in flavour and has a richness to it. Although there is a spicy aftertaste and I’m not too sure if I like this or not. It is a little smooth but I think the Cabernet side conflicts with the Merlot.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

I have concerns that I have lost my taste buds. I am not going to say they were particularly good to start with but two wines on the trot that are slighly disappointing. The aromas of this wine is slightly off putting and tastes like sawdust and is somewhat a bland wine.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Omrah Crossing Cabernet Merlot 2015 Bottle Label Description

One early passenger of the Omrah paid homage to his trans-ocennic voyage by naming his property in the Great Southern region of Western Australia after this iron-hulled steamship. SS Omrah regularly crossed the equator between the UK to Australia. In the early 1900’s the advent of steamships and the route through the Suez Canal, drastically reduced the travel time from over four months down to under six weeks. Many noons later, vines were planted on the property and became an integral part of our environment and the reason for our name.
Perfumed and vibrant, bramble fruit aromas dominate. Distant flavours of toasty mocha and green olive are contrasted with Cassis and black cherry accompanied by firm yet velvety tannins.

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