Rabo de Galo

Rabo De Galo

Wine Variety

Red Mix


Dan Murphy

Price: $9.40 (at time of purchase).



Rabo de Galo Reviews

The Donna Review

An interesting Shiraz, not a classic Shiraz. Very smooth with berry, peppery and spicy coming Very fruity and flavoursome in the mouth, very deep colour in the glass. Richness in the mouth with tanins coming through.
Not to be drunk on it’s own, it really tastes better when accompanied by food.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

The previous wine that we tested was a splach out wine. I have concerns that my taste buds are becoming used to $10 wines, because this wine is far better. That said it’s not perfect but definately drinkable with any stew, chilli even bbq.
Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Rabo de Galo Bottle Label Description

It’s believed that the Rabo (Galo) is a symbol of communication since it anounces the sunrise day after day. In some cultures it is even associated to passion and courage and simultaneously to some of pride due to its elegant and vain pose. The wines comes from a region characterised by its smooth and sunny slopes and the proximity to the ocean. This wine was made from the vareties Castello, Tounga, Nacoal, Tinta Rouz and Trincaderia and shows a beautiful ruby colour and aromadic notes of red fruits. It benefited from an aging period in oak barrels, presenting flavours of wild fruits and spices, with good structure, this is a balanced and elegant wine that offers long and fruity finish.

Served with

Chilli and tacos.

Where to Purchase Rabo de Galo

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