Richland Shiraz 2017

Richland Shiraz

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Dan Murphy

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Australia, Australian

Richland Shiraz 2017

The Donna Review

It has the classic sharpness of a Shiraz, but had no punch.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Man with no Palate Review

A zingy Shiraz that lacks character, slightly acidic.
Wine Rating: 2/5

Note: It might be worth laying this one down for a few years to see if the flavour improves.

Richland Shiraz 2017 Bottle Label Description

The name Richland is dedicated to the founders of Calabria Family wines.
Wine Style: A warm, rich, approachable wine with spicy plum fruit and ripe berry flavours. A well rounded palate with soft oak tannins.
Served with tender steak or grilled Lamb.

Served with

Red wine beef stews, Jamie Oliver’s Brussles in a hustle and classic Mashed Potatoes.

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