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South Eastern Australia


The Donna Review

This has an okay smell, not amazing but at the same time not offensive. Deep in the glass like a classic Shiraz.

This is not too bad on the plate, goes down well without any acridness. There is a spicy undertone, which does linger in the mouth, but not overpowering. As this price you can’t go wrong purchasing this. 

Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

We have been very lucky this Christmas with a great selection of wines. And this cheaper wine was a pleasant surprise. Heavy on the plum, and you can actually imagine slicing a plum and eating the flesh. Sometimes it is really is difficult to review a wine when the preceding wines have been of high quality. Personally I think this wine at the price it holds its own.

Wine Rating: 3.5/5 

Harvest Cottage Shiraz 2019 Bottle Label Description

Follow the lane to Harvest Cottage, nestled amongst the vines.

In winemaking’s early days, the local community would come together to help each other in busy times of the season. Local legend Annie Wagman, in her horse drawn cart would deliver lunch and hot drinks to pruners in the vineyard before following the lane back to her cottage nestled amongst the vines. Harvest Cottage Shiraz by Annie’s lane displays rich aromas with subtle spicy notes. The palate is smooth and exhibits black plum and berry fruit characters.

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