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The Donna Review

On opening this I did detect a strong smell and not an overly nice one. But after leaving this to breath it didn’t seem so strong. This is a corked wine – which is very rare, so wonder if this makes it better when travelling.

I can imagine drinking this in Italy on a hot summer night outside while enjoying some anti pasta. This is not a bad wine, it is full of flavour with a slight spicy aftertaste but nothing too unpleasant. For the price this is really good, you wouldn’t be disappointed,

Best with food 

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

They say Chianti does not travel but because I have no pallet I don’t necessarily find this to be true. Maybe it is the case with the more expensive Chianti’s but this Chianti around the $10 mark is surprisingly not a bad drop. It does have a slightly pungent aroma but is flavoursome, definitely fruity with a slightly clayey texture. With very little aftertaste for a wine so cheap.¬†

Wine Rating: 2.5/5

Ruffino Chianti 2019 Bottle Label Description

This Chianti has a fragrant inviting bouquet and a well-balanced fruity taste with hints of spice.

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