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The Donna Review

Smells amazing on opening. This is a tasty wine and heavy on the fruit. But it is rather acidic on the stomach – which is a shame, as this does let this wine down.

But it is nicer when chilled, which seems to take away the acidicness.

Although I do wonder if this wine should have been corked – especially as it has travelled a long way and maybe hasn’t travelled so well as a screw top.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Man with no Palate Review

Initially I quite like this wine, tasty, rich on fruit, does hit the stomach quite harshly. But as it aerates or as it warms up, it becomes somewhat dry and almost sandy in flavour and texture. Which is a real shame if you could just capture the flavour of the initial 4-5 sips this is a tasty wine. But sadly it does deteriorate rather rapidly.

Wine Rating: 3/5

Tilia Malbec 2018 Bottle Label Description

Tilia the Latin name for Linden, is a traditional tree in Mendoza, whose flowers are used to make a relaxing herbal tee enjoyed after a long day’s work among the vines.

The choice of this historic tree to represent our wine reflects a commitment to the traditional way of life in Mendoza, where most farmers bike or walk to work and live with their families near the winery and vineyards.

This is sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards in the Eastern and Southern regions of Mendoza. Malbec shows concentrated black cherry and plum fruit flavours and aromas with a touch of spiciness and a soft subtle finish,

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