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The Donna Review

I was concerned with the vintage being 2021 as I thought this might need aging time.

So the wine on opening thought it smelt vinegary – but that does disappear after pouring.

This is a very nice wine, light in the glass and on tasting – no aftertaste and very easy to drink. But it isn’t your classic Tempranillo!

Love the label and bottle – something really uplifting about this.

Wine Rating: 4/5

Man with no Palate Review

To be honest I have had this wine before at business events. And even then I thought this was an easy wine to drink. My opinion hasn’t changed, it is a really easy wine to drink. I wouldn’t classify it as a classic Tempranillo, far from it. But if you are looking for a tasty, easy to drink red wine this is a good bet.

Wine Rating: 4/5

This is great value at this price, hence the scores.

Tread Softly 2021 Bottle Label Description

Naturally lighter in alcohol.
Minimal preservatives
Sustainably grown
Delicate aromas
Vegan friendly

To Tread Softly we plant a native tree every time we sell twelve bottles

Where to Purchase Tread Softly Tempranillo 2021

Visit the vineyard Tread Softly

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