Wine Men of Gotham 2017

Wine Men of Gotham

Wine Variety



Dan Murphy

Price: $5.00 (at time of purchase).
In the Dan Murphy $5 bin.


South Australia, Australian

Note: Fined using Egg and milk products. Traces may remain.

Wine Men of GothamReviews

The Donna Review

Bursts of fruits in the mouth with spicy undertones. A really nice wine.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5

Man with no Palate Review

An extremely surprisingly fruity wine, mix of cherry and berry with a slightly chalky pallet. Woule be excellent either in a beef caserole or though could be a waste or with a roast such as game meat.
Wine Rating: 3.5/5
Note. Wow what a price!

Wine Men of Gotham Bottle Label Description

Who are the Wine Men of Gotahm?
Are they odd little gentleman from the village of Gotham in England?
Are they strange fellows from New York?
Are they crazy Australian winemakers?
Whoever and where ever they are. It is a mystery to us. So if you see them tweet us at Gothamwines or like us on FB, follow us on Instagram or email us.

Served with

Woolworths Gluten Free Carbonara, using goats yogurt rather than cream,

Where to Purchase Wine Men of Gotahm

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